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The Sister Diary

Aug 28, 2020

Dom Roberts is a talented creative and powerful, outspoken activist who uses her growing online platform to educate on the intricacies of racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement. In this episode, Dom joins us to talk about how we all can, and have a responsibility to, identify and combat racism in our own lives. She...

Aug 21, 2020

One of our favorite episodes from last year is back! For her birthday, Maddie reflects on her 23rd year and shares some of the most valuable lessons that she has learned. 

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Aug 14, 2020

This week, we're talking all about Instagram and exposing some of the behind the scenes work that really goes into curating a great feed. First, we share some of our favorite tips for taking a good photo, from finding the perfect angle and lighting to choosing an insta-worthy outfit. Next, we talk about all of our...

Aug 7, 2020

This week, we're joined by special guests Johnny, Dale and Meredith Orlando for a podcast episode live from our family vacation in Santorini, Greece. First, we talk about how COVID has impacted international travel and the precautions that we took before leaving for Greece to ensure that we stay safe and...